Bird Control and Netting Supplies

Your number one goal right now is likely keeping your grapes and crops healthy, which means controlling one very important element: birds.

There are a number of options for controlling—or at least limiting the damage of—birds, but experts say the best defense is to build a strategy that includes multiple points of protection and to mix it up.

We’re here to help equip you with the tools you’ll need for your unique strategy. Give us a call at 707-963-5354 and we’ll help you get the job done! 

Reflective Bird Scare Tape

Scare tape is a super lightweight option; the slightest breeze makes it move and rattle in the wind. Birds are instantly scared away by its crinkling sounds and the bright reflections of sunlight.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is an economical, lightweight, and durable option for excluding birds and other critters, while also providing additional shade to ripening fruit. Simply drop it over crops or wrap it around entire trees.

Bird Netting: Extruded

Extruded netting is lightweight and UV protected. Available in both a 42” wide side net, allowing you to target just the fruit zone, or a 14’ wide over-the-row net for complete protection.

Bird Netting: Woven

Woven bird netting is a heavy-duty, flame-resistant polypropylene knotless bird net used to block birds from entering unwanted areas. It can be lengthened and widened to fit your specific need.

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