Tying Supplies

During tying season, you can trust A&J Vineyard supply to have plenty of tying supplies on hand. From classic tie tape, to pre-cut twist ties, to continuous reels for automatic tying machines, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to tying materials.

Vine Tying Materials:

We carry classic tie tape in three colors: Green, Brown & Clear, two widths: 1/2″ & 1″ and two weights: 6ml (medium) & 8ml (heavy).  Other weights (4ml, 12ml & 20ml) are available by special order and many weight and width combinations are also available in the color white. To place a custom order for tying supplies, please contact us.

Another option, Tie-fix reels, are a top choice for vine-growers and farmers worldwide. Whether it’s vine shoots, trunks, or branches, we carry three tie-fix reel solutions for automatic tying machines: biodegradable, photodegradable, and permanent plastic. For more information on tie-fix reels, here is a video featuring our Sales Representative,  Antonio Zamora.

  • Tie Tape: Green, Brown & Clear
  • Duratool Tying Guns & Accessories
  • Twist Ties: 4″, 5″, 6″ & 7″
  • TieFix Reel for Pellenc Tying Machines
  • Bull Rope
  • Binder Twine
  • Tying Tools
  • Bandofix/Rubber T-bands

Vine Tying Supplies:

Tie Tape

Twist Ties

Rope & Twine

Bandofix Rubber Ties