Erosion Control

Erosion control products are an essential part of any soil stabilization, reinforcement, or restoration project. Sediment erosion products reinforce surrounding areas to prevent erosion and allow vegetation to take root. Whether you need biodegradable, temporary, or permanent soil erosion control products, we have a solution that can meet your needs.

Straw Bales, Straw Wattles, and Jute Netting are all available from A&J Vineyard Supply for delivery from mid-August through December. Avoid the post-harvest rush and order your erosion control supplies early. Give us a call at 707-963-5354 or contact us here.

If you’re a farmer or grape grower, then you know that one of your main challenges is preventing soil erosion. When soil is weakened because of erosion, it isn’t able to absorb as much water. This can lead to flooding, which can result in a large amount of standing water. When soil stays flooded, it can interrupt the planting of your new crops. Fortunately, straw wattles are effective tools for preventing soil erosion.

For the benefits of Straw Wattles, read our blog on effective tools for preventing soil erosion.