Crossarms have become one of the most highly used products in the vineyard trellis industry today. Used in trellis systems to support canes and cordon wires, trellis crossarms are also used as foliage management. Our L-Style Crossarms and C-Style Crossarms are available in standard lengths, with larger and larger sizes available by special order. For vineyards with special requirements, contact us for customizations.

Interested in learning about trellis crossarm installation? Watch our crossarms videos here.

L-Style Crossarms

  • Universal U-bolt hole pattern fit most stakes
  • Available in 12, 13 & 14 gauge. 14 gauge in stock, 12 & 13 gauge by request
  • Available in standard lengths from 6″ to 36″. Larger sizes available by special order
  • Customizable notches & slots
  • J-R Clip for T-Post only

V-Style Crossarms

  • Pre-punched with hole pattern to fit most stakes
  • 24″, 30″ & 36″ x 14 gauge in stock. 12 & 13 gauge available by special order
Why use a t-post crossarm?

The addition of crossarms to a t-post or other in-line stake allows for varying degrees of sun and air to circulate through the vines and helps with the management of the canes throughout the various growth cycles. Depending on the vigor of your vines and the atmospheric conditions, you may require just a slight broadening of the canopy with a 4” or 6” model or a significant expansion with arms extending out to 36” or wider.

Often, a selection of different sized crossarms is used at each interval, from the shortest at the bottom to the widest at the top, creating an inverted “V” in the canopy. Crossarms are attached using a simple u-bolt and have one or more sets of notches to accommodate trellis wires as needed.