Farmer using winter pruning techniques to prepare his vineyard for the cold season.

Caring for Vines in the Winter: Why and What to Do

When winter settles in, and temperatures dip, a series of post-harvest changes begin to take place. All grapes’ varieties require upkeep, and […]

Vineyard fencing concept - Vineyard with forming grapes secured by a barbed wire fence.

4 Fences That are Best for Vineyard Fencing

The use of fences spans centuries back. While there are different types of fences, the intended use is an essential factor to […]

Canopy management strategies - grapes in a vineyard with nets to protect against bird damage.

Tools & Strategies for Vine and Canopy Management

The United States accounted for nearly 9% of global wine production in the year 2020 with California always topping the list in […]

Preparing for post-harvest vineyard management.

Post-Harvest Maintenance for a Thriving Vineyard

With Harvest approaching, preparing for the dormant season will be here before you know it. Having good post-harvest practices in place will […]

People working in a vineyard harvesting different varieties of grapes using harvest tools.

Everything You Need to Know About Grape Harvest Tools

Whether you’re a vineyard veteran or new to grape farming, you’ll need to budget for a few harvest tools. Read on to […]

Farmers in a vineyard harvesting grapes - protecting their soil quality by using straw wattles.

Straw Wattles 101 – The Effective Tool for Preventing Soil Erosion

If you’re a farmer or grape grower, then you know that one of your main challenges is preventing soil erosion. When soil […]

Leaves on a trellised vine growing in a vineyard - showing proper spring vineyard care.

Spring Vineyard Care

There is a season for everything. Spring in the vineyards brings hope and rebirth. There’s also constant diligent labor in the vineyard […]

The concept of using mustard seeds before bud break for ripe and healthy grapes.

The Importance of Mustard in the Vineyards Before Bud Break

Mustard is more than just a feast for the eyes; it’s also a feast for the vines, whether it grows wild or […]

2021: Top Highlights from A&J Vineyard Supply

Our #1 goal is to make ordering your vineyard supplies the easiest part of your farming protocol. Here are some highlights from […]

10 Tools for Dormant Season

Top 10 Vineyard Supplies for the Dormant Season

With your precious vines getting ready to take their winter nap, the dormant season is your chance to really get in there […]