Vineyard T-posts are one of the most commonly used in-line trellis posts in the industry today. Commonly positioned 15’-20’ apart, t-posts serve as the backbone of the vineyard row, providing the support needed for both grapes and foliage.

Available in varying weights and lengths, they are adaptable to many different trellis configurations. We also carry a wide selection of crossarms to customize your vineyard trellis system even further. Contact us today for more information on the various styles and options.

Important information about the vineyard t-posts we carry:

  • Used as general-purpose grape stake
  • Wires can be directly fixed or add crossarms to construct various styles of trellis systems
  • Studs prevent wire slippage
  • Import & domestic available
  • Watch our T-Post Installation videos here →

Vineyard T-Post Supplies:

Trellis and Training System Construction: Tools & Materials

There are several options available to grape growers and vineyard managers when considering which trellis configuration and which training system to use. This blog post explores the basic requirements for wine trellis construction, explaining the tools and supplies necessary for an effective trellis system, no matter what configuration is chosen.