Harvest Supplies

Harvest represents the culmination of an entire growing season and the passion and perseverance of each person who had a hand in bringing the crop to maturity. Make sure you get through it with ease by having the most efficient tools on hand for your picking crews.  Grape harvesting knives and thinning shears are indispensable grape harvest supplies for getting the ripe clusters off the vine without waste or damage.  And don’t forget picking bins which come in a traditional lug or a more ergonomic style. 

Download our 2020 Harvest Supply Checklist and learn more about the tools and equipment needed for a successful grape harvest.

  • Thinning Shears, Straight & Curved Blade
  • Grape Knives, Serrated & Smooth
  • Ontario Wood Handle Grape Knife
  • Grape Lugs
  • Ergonomic Picking Bins
  • Sharpening Stones & Speedy Sharp

Thinning Shears

Grape Knives

Harvest Bins

Blade Sharpeners