Wire, Wire Connectors & Wire Spinners

Vineyard Wire has many uses and also comes in several different sizes and configurations. The most common vineyard wire is hi-tensile and comes in varying thicknesses from 10 ga (thickest) to 14 ga (thinnest). 100 lb rolls are available in both catch coil and layer-wound styles, while continuous coils can be used for larger installations. A variety of pay-out spinners and wire connectors help finish the job.


  • Class 1 & Class 3 – Galvanized
  • High tensile or soft
  • 10-14 gauge
  • 100 lb coils & 1,000 lb +/- continuous coils for commercial use
  • 25 lb coils for home vineyard* (Subject to availability)

Wire Connectors

  • Gripple Wire Joiners
  • Wire Vise
  • Crimp Sleeves
  • A&J Wire Strainers
  • Daisy Wheel
  • Vine Line Connectors
  • Wire Links
  • Bar Ties

Wire Spinners

Wire spinners are one of the most useful and necessary tools in grape growing.  With wire coils ranging in weight from 100 – 2500 lbs or more, a good quality spinner is critical to making the pay-out of the wire strands down the vineyard row an enjoyable and manageable process.  Consider super-charging your efforts with a 4-in-1 spinner that allows you to pay-out four coils simultaneously!

  • 100 lb Wire Spinners
  • 1,000 lb Alabama Wire Dispensers
  • 4-in-1 Spinner Has 3-Point Hitch and Allows for up to 4 rolls to be paid-out at once