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Metal crossarm, L-Style, 12″ x 14 gauge


The addition of a metal L-style crossarm in 14 gauge thickness, to a t-post or other vertical in-line post, allows for varying degrees of sun and air to circulate through the vines and help with the management of the canes throughout the growing cycle. Depending on the vigor of your vines and the atmospheric conditions, you may require just a slight broadening of the canopy with a 6″ or 8″ model or a more significant expansion with arms extending out 18″.  Depending on the length of your crossarm, there may be one or more sets of slots or notches which provide various options for moving your wires into different positions on the crossarm. A u-bolt with 2 nuts (sold separately) allows for the attachment of the crossarm to the line stake. FIND U-BOLTS here



L-style crossarm, 12″ x 14 gauge with two slots each side, 3″ slot to slot.

PLEASE NOTE: our standard crossarms are made from plain steel without protective coating as per industry norms. They are stored outside, as is their intended use, therefore varying degrees of oxidation may be present upon arrival.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 1.875 × 0.75 in

10" x 14 gauge, 12" x 14 gauge, 14" x 14 gauge, 16" x 14 gauge, 18" x 14 gauge, 6" x 14 gauge, 8" x 14 gauge